Zong Zhou Wang Published Works

1996 Clarion Books, New York published by his publishing company to make color illustrations of the Chinese folk tale book "Ling-Li and the Phoenix Fairy"

2006 by the American Publishing Company Sleeping Bear Press has published color illustrations by me as the "Chinese word book: D is for Dancing Dragon", which is devoted to the outlook of China's geography, cultural history and folk customs in an alphabetical order series. This two book-style color illustrations, all in the style of Chinese painting, loved by the American people, including six originals for the Americans collection. These two books have been issued in the United States and Canada.

August 2010 by the China Hainan Publishing House of "Chinese Oil Painting fifty" - Wang, Zhou large pictures. The album contains more than twenty years Wang, Zhou boutique 37 oil paintings, and his artistic resume, art experts, and reviews the contents Rich and detailed, brilliant screen, is an artistic appreciation and collection value of the works.